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Church of St Mary, Church Road, Stow-cum-Quy, CB5 9AF Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
St Mary, Stow-cum-Quy 2009-03-18 Creative Commons License Hugh J Griffiths
Church of St Mary, Church Road, Stow-cum-Quy, CB5 9AF Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
The octagonal font with panels containing shields supported by demi-angels is fifteenth hcentury. The early fifteenth century roodscreen of five divisions has much-cusped openings over a panelled base and open tracery above (its uppermost parts are nineteenth century). Over the nave south arcade is part of a late medieval painting of St. Christopher. At the nave east end lies a brass to John Ansty in armour, with small figures below of his twelve sons and four daughters, and an indent for his wife Joan. Indents for other brasses also survive. Besides seventeenth century floor slabs to Robert Lawrence and the Childs, a pedimented wall tablet of 1675 in the north aisle records Lawrence's charitable gift. In the north chapel are eighteenth and nineteenth century wall monuments, one of which formerly blocked its north window, and a brass of 1845 to the Martins.
English Heritage Listed Building entry.
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