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Search strings:
  • can be a number representing our database acquisition ID;
  • a sequence of textual comparisons to be made against fields in the database;
    1. the search box present on every page, and the Simple search are matched against image titles and keywords, building names, country name, state name, and address;
    2. an underscore can be used to represent any single character, for example Mar_ would match Mark and Mary;
    3. each space separated string will be treated separately, except that double-quotation marks can be used to join strings into a single test, for example "St John";
    4. a vertical bar makes a pair of adjacent test strings into alternatives, for example John | Mary;
    5. round brackets can be used to group a series of tests, for example ("St John" | "St Mary") Beverley - nested brackets are not supported;
    6. an exclamation mark can be used to negate a test, for example catholic ! cathedral;
Notes and tips:
  • buildings with English names are usually recorded in the form Church of St john, not Saint John's church;
  • do not search for plurals;
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